Catholic Monarchy

What is needed is a society founded on God’s authentic and unchanging morality. We know God’s unchanging morality through the Catholic Church, which is the seed of the eternal Kingdom of God on earth. The Church is the Body and Bride of the living, resurrected Jesus Christ, who founded and teaches through it in every age by the Holy Spirit. Kings and Popes ruled ancient Christendom, and it is a far superior model for the United States today than the broken and mostly ignored constitution. America’s “Constitutional Republic” is a pluralistic system of competing, usurping ideologies.

God created us with free will and gave us the most magnificent of freedoms to “eat from any of the trees in the garden.” That is astonishing freedom! However, of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” we must not eat lest we die. In other words, when the “will of the people” is to determine capriciously for ourselves what is morally right and what is morally wrong, outside of God’s eternal law, the “will of the people” leads us to death. That death pathway is the contemporary situation in the United States of America, already dying by this spiritual malignancy of moral anarchy.

The Catholic Monarchy is a superior form of government to that of the Republic with the latter’s whimsical “will of the people,” and that will’s aimlessly shifting and decaying morality. The Catholic Monarchy resembles the authentic, aristocratic hierarchy of the Kingdom of Heaven. The King and Queen, by Divine Right, rule as a father and mother and ensure that society follows the proper norms of Catholic morality, which is the very morality the United States inherited from ancient Christendom (and has now thrown aside). Subjection to the Holy Father, Our Pope, in Rome on matters of faith and morals checks a King’s potential tendency toward totalitarianism. That is the historical record of ancient Christendom. Popes in that time were counter-balances that contained Kings who tried to get out of hand. The checks and balances between King and Pope are far superior to the checks and balances in the United States Constitution. The checks and balances of the constitution have not prevented totalitarianism or moral anarchy in the social order. The constitution merely checks the branches of government to enforce whatever the whimsical “will of the people” has established as the rule of law. It does not contain the “will of the people” itself. Checks between Popes and Kings do precisely that.