The Ten Points of Le Royaume – Point 10 (Long Form)

Point 10: Le Royaume is ecumenical and evangelical

We understand true ecumenism as bringing all other Christian churches (Orthodox) and communities (Protestant and Independent Evangelical) back into the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church with Peter’s successor as the divinely appointed Vicar for Jesus Christ.

It is antithetical to Jesus’ purpose in founding His Church that we would abandon His Dogma and His presence invested in the teaching authority of the Magisterium of the Church. We see the superficial, feel-good “union” with these other schismatic churches and heretical spiritual communities as unholy and opposed to Jesus Christ’s purpose in founding His Church. We will all be “one” when the lost sheep are brought back to the Chief Shepherd in the Catholic Church. In sum, ecumenism means evangelization.

Three fundamental points form the ecumenical foundation of Le Royaume.

(1)  The Catholic Church allows Protestants the noble title of “Christian” through their baptism (CCC 818, 838), not through their assertion that they “have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior” or that they “believe the Bible” or any other subjective criteria. Jesus Christ, speaking through His Catholic Church, grants properly baptized Protestants the privilege of the Christian title. They are Christians in imperfect union with the Church by our Lord’s mercy, Who does not charge those born today with the sin of separation from their fathers (CCC 818).

(2) Protestant communities are sources of Christ’s grace and power only through the “fullness of grace and truth that Christ has entrusted to the Catholic Church” (CCC 819). Those who experience the joy and saving grace of Jesus Christ through Protestant or Independent Evangelical communities should be eternally grateful for the Catholic Church through which they derive their relationship with Jesus, for there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church (CCC 846).

(3) The Catholic Church, as that one divinely founded by Jesus Christ, is in her very substance superior (re: point six above) to all other philosophies, religions, creeds, doctrines, and spiritualities. She has no equal on earth. Whatever truth Protestants find in any particular community is contingent and dependent on the Catholic Church by the mercy of Jesus Christ Himself. Protestant communities and “Spiritual but not Religious” philosophies represent tragic aberrations to the true faith where heresy and revolutionary apostasy run unchecked to the potential ruin of many souls.

We see the logical end of any authentic ecumenism as the defeat and eradication of Protestantism with its demonic New Age and “Spiritual but not Religious” derivatives through charitable evangelical efforts to bring all baptized members of Christ’s body into the loving arms of Holy Mother Church. Our ecumenical efforts can likewise be seen as efforts to rescue our baptized brethren from the Satanic illusions and influences of Protestantism, New Age, and “Spiritual but not Religious” anti-Church tendencies.