The Ten Points of Le Royaume – Point 6 (Long Form)

Point 6: Le Royaume is aristocratic and anti-egalitarian

God, in His wisdom, has willed essential inequalities (St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa 1 Q47 A2) throughout the spiritual and temporal realms for the good and edification of the created order. We also acknowledge that all people, in their human essence, are created with equal human dignity and rights to life and freedom.

These inequalities acclaim God’s glory and, in humans, reflect the wisdom of the Divine Order through factors such as aristocratic birthright, differing talents, degrees of skills, health, etc. Inequalities exist even among the Saints glorified in Heaven, all for the glory of God.

To use a metaphor for the Kingdom of God, a beautiful landscape is beautiful precisely because of the varying degrees of make, color, height, width, and depth of the flowers, trees, rivers, valleys, and mountains making up that panorama. Conversely, as inequality implies superiority, humanity’s pride finds all distinction repugnant. It, therefore, seeks to eliminate all inequality, including legitimate differences, ultimately leading to a blasphemous doctrine of equality with God Himself through either Eastern New Age Pantheism or secular atheism, which seeks to eliminate God altogether.

Le Royaume understands that legitimate superiority as such is to be honored. Latria (for God alone), hyper-dulia (for the Holy Mother of God), and dulia (for the angels, saints, and legitimate earthly royalty) are essential Catholic Orthodoxy celebrated in Le Royaume.