Le Royaume

Traditional French Catholicism and the Renaissance of Catholic France

Le Royaume is my initiative to inspire souls in God’s love to seek the subjective application of the fruits of Christ’s Redemption through the beauty and majesty of Traditional French Catholicism. Le Royaume is a contemplative-based personal devotion that seeks from God preparation for, perseverance in, and continual growth in sanctifying grace through the Traditional French Catholic experience and the Renaissance in our hearts of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Catholic France. Le Royaume is under the co-patronage of St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and they guide it by their beautiful, combined spirituality. 

Le Royaume is the spiritual inheritance of St. Mary Magdalene, whom we honor and with whom we unite in contemplative prayer through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. With her brother Lazarus, she first brought the contemplative spirit of the apostolic age to what would become France. We honor her as foundress, and through whose prayers and sacrifices the Lord and Our Lady indeed blessed what was later the Virgin Mary’s Catholic France.

Le Royaume is about seeking first the Kingdom of God and His saving justice (Matthew 6:33) through the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of the Traditional French Catholic experience. Through Traditional French Catholicism, we testify to LOVE, for God is LOVE (1 John 4:8). Through Traditional French Catholicism, we come to understand that true love is self-sacrifice in union with Jesus Christ for the glory of God (Mark 8: 34-38). Separated from GOD, we separate ourselves from LOVE. Sin means to be separated from God and results in a spiritual condition where “we know not what we do” (Luke 23:34). We must repent (Matthew 4:17), meaning we must change our course so that we, therefore, might “know what we do” in LOVING God. Through repentance, we seek to change our ways to God’s ways (true LOVE and the opening of our hearts to the fruits of Redemption) rather than to demand that God change His ways to our ways (self-love and the continued slavery to sin). We can go from “not knowing what we do” to “knowing what we do” through the infinite merits of Jesus Christ. He is the WAY (Beauté – as our King, Judge, and Law Giver), the TRUTH (Verité – as the supreme Teacher of all humanity), and the LIFE (Bonté – as our eternal High Priest and the sole Mediator between God and man) (John 14:6). We must seek and persevere in sanctifying grace, which intrinsically justifies us and makes us pleasing to God. To seek the Kingdom of God is to seek sanctifying grace. 

The objective of Le Royaume is to inspire souls to seek, prepare for, persevere in, and grow in sanctifying grace by a repentant, dogmatic confession of Catholic Faith through the beautiful pedagogy of Traditional French Catholicism. St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux, under the Queenship of the Virgin Mary, are prepared to help you.

Le Royaume does not assume Traditional French Catholicism to be universal for the Church or superior to all other devotions. On the contrary, our interest in French Catholic spirituality makes us appreciate the richness of cultural expression throughout the universal Church. The more we love Le Royaume de France, the more we understand the unique roles other cultures play in the Church and what the Church does in uniting us all as a family in the Faith. 

Using the traditionally established mystical relationship between the Kingdom of France and the Immaculate Heart of Mary as its model and foundation, Le Royaume seeks to restore the preeminence of the Roman Catholic Church in the hearts of men and women and through the renewal of hearts, to further that preeminence in government, culture, and society at large.

Le Royaume is “The Kingdom Blessed of St. Joan and St. Thérèse” shown to me by these two magnificent saints like gates opening on an astonishingly beautiful Castle shining from the peak of a panoramic mountain. Le Royaume reflects my joy in living out the traditional French School of Catholic Spirituality under the friendship, sisterly care, and co-patronage of St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux. Le Royaume is about seeking, loving, and defending the Kingdom of God, as reflected in the mystical union between Heaven and the Kingdom of France. This (t)radition of France as the “Eldest Daughter of the Church,” glorified in St. Joan of Arc’s divinely appointed mission, points nobly to the glorious beauty of French Catholic spirituality and, in general to the dogmatic (T)raditions of the Church, such as True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin (hyper-dulia) and devotion to the saints (dulia). Le Royaume celebrates the medieval faith and culture of France, yet, it is, at the same time, not bound by a particular point in history. It is eternal as a Form in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who holds the fleur-de-lys close to her heart.

This Kingdom of Sts. Joan and Thérèse is “La France Mystique,” the mystical Kingdom of France. This Kingdom, through the consecration of France to the Virgin Mary in 1638 by King Louis XIII and by the later decrees of Popes Pius XI (for St. Joan of Arc) and Pius XII (for St. Thérèse), belongs to the Virgin Mary with our saintly sisters as secondary co-patronesses. Mystical France uniquely emanates with what I describe as “the most beautiful color in the heavens,” the combined spirituality of St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux. They guide us in their saintly and sisterly care on the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed to the center of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, where Jesus Christ enthrones Himself in all His glory.